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Tuesday 26th September 2023 / 11 Rabiulawal 1445

Adobe is adding an AI-powered image generator to Photoshop

Adobe on Tuesday said it’s incorporating an AI-powered image generator into Photoshop, with the goal of “dramatically accelerating” how users edit their photos.

Adobe Photoshop is getting a new generative AI tool that allows users to quickly extend images and add or remove objects using text prompts. The feature is called Generative Fill, and is one of the first Creative Cloud applications to use Adobe’s AI image generator Firefly, which was released as a web-only beta in March. Generative Fill is launching today in beta, but Adobe says it will see a full release in Photoshop later this year.

The tool, called Firefly, allows users to add or delete elements from images with just a text prompt, according to Adobe. It can also match the lighting and style of the existing images automatically, the company said.

It’s currently available in a new Photoshop beta app. The company plans to roll the product out to all Photoshop customers by the end of the year.

Adobe’s move comes after a recent crop of AI tools have launched that can generate compelling written work and images in response to user prompts, with the potential to change how people work, create and communicate with each other.

Firefly was launched in March at the Adobe Summit as a web-only beta. It was trained on Adobe’s own collection of stock images, as well as publicly available assets. Adobe has called the tool one of its most successful beta launches ever, with more than 70 million images created in the first month.

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