Adnan Siddiqui slams his Indian fans who couldn’t take a meme chin up

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Famed Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui has slammed his Indian fans on his Instagram account who couldn’t take a meme chin up.

On Sunday, Adnan posted a meme ahead of Pakistan’s victory against India in T20, in which Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli and President Modi can be seen shaking hands. While, Modi asks Virath about how many people were there?, to which Virat replied, only two.

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Though the meme offended Adnan Siddiqui’s Indian fans and they started abusing Pakistani cricketers in the comments section of the post. Later Adnan took his social media account and wrote, “Absolutely disgusted with some of my Indian fans who couldn’t take a meme chin up. The level they stooped to while commenting on the meme that I shared post our victory against India is shocking”.

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Moreover, the ‘Mom’ trouper further said that some of the fans have shown their class, he added, “Sorry but a handful of some rotten apples just showed their class or lack thereof. It’s a game for godsake. You win some, you lose some. We have never abused you whenever India has won”.

“You have absolutely no right to use expletives to express your disappointment and no right to abuse someone’s religion. Learn from your captain Virat Kohli who showed so much civility on the field. What happened to your tolerance and since when? I haven’t known India to be so full of hate. In fact, most of my fans from across the border have been nothing but respectful and loving towards me. Surely something has changed”, Adnan further mentioned.

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Meanwhile, Siddiqui also thrashed Pakistani netizens who mock Indian artists or others due to their animosity and hate for peace. He said, “People from both countries have always strived to rise above petty politicking and hate for peace. Animosity is not the answer. Those who don’t agree with my opinions or my sense of humor are free to unfollow me. Just don’t bring your communal agenda on my page specially when a lot of us from both countries are trying to have a cordial and harmonious relationship. Let’s not lose our grace”.

However, Pakistan scored a historic victory against India on Sunday, in their opening match of the ongoing T20 World Cup. Babar Azam was one of the leading scorers as the team crushed India by ten wickets.

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