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Rizwan Ahmed Fikhri

Rizwan Ahmed Fikhri

The writer is senior journalist and writer.

Tribute to our patriots

The more Pakistan remains a peaceful country in the region, the more terrorism is imposed on it. India is the world’s most fascist and fanatic country involved in egregious human rights violations. Yet the global community does not impose any

Karachi’s development amid political turmoil

In Pakistan, political turmoil, a second wave of coronavirus, and the government’s vengeful sentiments are on the rise currently. The bitter statements of the government spokespersons and the response of the opposition continue but no one is ready to give

A new province?

The turmoil in Pakistan’s politics has brought both the government and the opposition face to face in the country. On the other hand, the politics of rallies is also on the rise in Sindh province. After the destruction of torrential

India’s war hysteria

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is an ideological state which we received after tremendous sacrifices and continue to lay down our lives against arch-enemy India. During partition of the subcontinent, Calcutta was not handed over to East Pakistan in the

Civil responsibility during lockdown

While the coronavirus is having a grim effect on the prevailing situation in the country, it has united political pundits and parties to set aside their differences for a national cause. The government of Sindh and Chief Minister Murad Ali