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Ali Imran

Ali Imran

This writer is a founder and brand ambassador of Unifi Education.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword in the entrepreneurial landscape. This reminds us of the dot-com bubble and how venture capitalists were injecting millions of dollars into startups just because it was something “online” – It was a new hype.

Innovation Culture in Pakistan

We need to foster a culture of innovation if we really want to accelerate our growth in the years to come. The problem with Pakistan is not a lack of talented individuals; it’s the environment that the authorities fail to

Motivation is not the solution

Unfortunately, motivation is not a solution. The new generation relies on motivation and considers it a prerequisite for achieving success and excellence in life, personally and professionally. But can motivation by ‘motivational speakers’ be sufficient for young individuals to succeed

Survival of the Fittest

A dilemma that we face in the current Pakistani society and the world in general is the failure of the youth to easily land a job they desire, in a professional setting they aspire to be in. There is much