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Sunday 5th December 2021 / 1 Jamadilawal 1443

Yasra Rizvi condemns forced marriage, divorce shaming

Forced marriages, divorce shaming aren't ways to honour 'tradition': Yasra Rizvi

Forced marriages, divorce shaming aren't ways to honour 'tradition': Yasra Rizvi

LAHORE: Actress Yasra Rizvi has recently shared some disturbing images of herself with shackles around her neck and hands to represent what forced marriages in the garb of arranged marriages look like.

Taking to Instagram, the actress shared pictures of herself lying down in fear or crawling across the floor while being dragged by someone else. She was dressed up in bridal wear with smothered makeup and ruined hair.

In the caption of one of these images she writes, “Getting married or not is a personal choice. Everyone has the right to decide who they want to marry, when and how.”

“If a person makes the wrong decision, given the marriage becomes overbearing, then ending it is also one’s right. This is not a western agenda but a right given by law and all religions, based of course, on common sense,” she added.

Rizvi goes onto ask how can a lifetime commitment like marriage be the decision of anyone but those two people involved? “There is a huge difference between giving advice and enforcing your decisions onto someone else,” she asserted.

“Forced marriages and divorce shaming aren’t ways to honour ‘tradition’. These are blatant attacks on basic human rights and sadly the most common and accepted ones around us. This needs to STOP,” shared the actor.

In the caption of another image, Rizvi reinstates that marriage “is a social contract which gives both parties involved their due rights and responsibilities. And to carry out that commitment like a life or death sentence is unfair.”


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