World Music Day 2021: Five Interesting Facts About Music

World Music Day is being observed today. It is also known as ‘Fete de la Musique’ in French and Make Music Day as well. 

Did you know several researchers have proven singing as a part of a group provides numerous physical and emotional benefits? Yes,  you sing with others, the body releases feel-good hormones and reduces stress. Here are  few facts about music one should know:

Singing in a group boosts mood5 Benefits of Singing in a Choir | City Academy, LondonMultiple studies have been conducted that prove singing as a part of a group provides numerous physical and emotional benefits. 

Listening to music enhances physical performanceListening to music during exercise actually helps fight fatigue • Earth.comResearch has consistently shown that the synchronization of music with repetitive exercise provides enhanced physical performance, helping people both work out for longer and train more efficiently.  

“Wanna Be” is the catchiest song of all timeScientists Now Know the Catchiest Song of All TimeIn 2014, a group of researchers found that “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls was the catchiest song: people were able to recognize it in about 2.3 seconds, which was way below the 5-second average of identifying other popular songs.

Astronaut released an album in space
iClass - a Learning Management System: Ogheneyoleme Omojefe: Some  Interesting Facts about Music
In 2015, a Canadian astronaut named Chris Hadfield released his first album, which was entirely recorded while he was in orbit. 

Music is physically good for the heartMusic Therapy In Hospitals | Music therapy, Music therapist, Shepard toneA study stated that music promotes a healthy cardiovascular system by triggering physiological changes that modulate blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory functions. 

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