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Will personally supervise development of agriculture sector: PM

MULTAN: Prime Minister Imran Khan has aid the government’s historic initiative of Kisan Card will transform the agriculture sector in Pakistan and make farmers prosperous.

Addressing a Kisan Card distribution ceremony in Multan, the prime minister said the farmers, thorough this card, will get subsidized fertilizers, seeds and pesticides along with low-interest loans and compensation for damaged crops in case of any natural calamity.

The prime minister expressed confidence that the Kisan Card scheme will bring about a revolution in the country by making the life of farmers easy through use of technology, enhancing agricultural production and saving foreign exchange.  He said it will also contribute to poverty reduction particularly in rural areas.

PM Imran Khan said the government has been working on various programmes for agricultural development in the country. He said a 300 billion rupees transformation plan has already been announced for the purpose.

The prime minister said in addition to two major dams, small dams are also being constructed to ensure better water supply for crops. He said the irrigation system is also being improved.

PM Imran Khan said agriculture has been made part of the CPEC project for enhancing agricultural production through use of Chinese technology.  He said seed research institutions are being revamped, and efforts are underway for local production of pulses, edible oil and soybean.

The prime minister said farmers will be trained to increase the agricultural production. He said forty billion rupees have been allocated to increase production of milk in the country. For reducing losses of vegetables, fruits and grains; storages and food processing plants will be established.

PM Imran Khan said the government plans to take steps to considerably enhance production of various agricultural products, including wheat, rice, corn, pulses, fruits, vegetables and fisheries. He said he himself will supervise the work on the plan aimed at developing agriculture sector in the country.