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Friday 8th December 2023 / 25 Jamadilawal 1445

Who are the four women publicly stripped in Faisalabad?

FAISALABAD: MM News has officially obtained details regarding four women who were publically tortured and stripped naked by shopkeepers over alleged stealing. 

Asiya Bibi, a plaintiff who registered the case, stated that she is a resident of Mohalla Rashidabad, chak no. 123JB and spends her time collecting waste papers and cardboard in the streets. She said that on 6th December she and Nasira, another woman called Nasira Yousuf, and Saima went to collect wastepapers in the Chowk Bawa Chak Market.

She continued that upon being thirsty, they went to Usman Electric Store and asked for water, and as a reaction, the shopkeepers started chanting that they are thieves and started torturing the ladies.

According to Aasia Bibi, the accused started dragging the four women and stripped them naked publically in the market, and kept beating them for about an hour. The accused also filmed the women being stripped naked publically. 

According to the plaintiff, when Nasira’s father learned about the incident he came and rescued us from the unfortunate act.

The affected women said that they have been severely abused and the police authorities should take strict action against the accused involved in the incident and provide them justice.

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