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What is real identity of Muslim women?

Hafsa Abdul Qayoom

The writer is graduated from the University of Karachi with a specialization in Electronic Media.

Taking into account the way Muslim women are fighting for the hijab around the world today and the way they are raising their voices to get the right to wear the hijab in non-Muslim countries despite the restrictions, is raising the question in minds of the majority that what Hijab is? 

The literal meaning of hijab is a veil or barrier between two things, due to which the two things disappear from each other.
Hijab is the Islamic slogan and the identity of the Muslim Ummah and its purpose is to attain seventy and avoid temptation.

Hijab is not just a cloth to cover the head, but it is a Muslim and a pure woman’s identity and a protector of integrity. True beauty is not in indecency and lack of hijab, but true beauty is that which fills the eyes with modesty and the heart with faith and piety. Hijab is related to sight, language and dress.

If we look at the downfall of the first ummahs from the Muslim Ummah, the reason for the downfall of most of them is not observing hijab. They had indulged in immorality to such an extent that almost completely rejected the teachings of Islam. While in Islam, Allah has clearly stated that:

“A woman is a hidden object. When she goes out, the devil is watching her.”

Now the question arises as to how the devil gets involved in this matter. This is inferred from the incident:
In Paradise, when Allah ordered deveil to be expelled from Paradise for the crime of not prostrating Adam (peace be upon him), Iblis asked for respite to mislead man until the Day of Resurrection and said:

“O Allah, I will continue to mislead Adam and his children.”

Thus Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him) and Hazrat Hawa (peace be upon him) were living in heaven, that one day the deveil approached them. His main aim was to expose them and he succeeded in that. In this regard, Allah Almighty say:

“Then deveil whispered into their hearts to uncover their private parts, which were hidden from each other”.
So they started covering their private parts out of shame.

Shaitan’s first priority is nakedness. Its main purpose is to popularize obscenity and nudity in the world. As the Greeks were so dominated by selfishness and lust that they considered it proud. Even the situation reached such a point that the nation suffered the wrath of God because of following the actions of Lott. reached. If seen in this context, in many societies, women have been considered as a means to quench the hunger of the self.

It will not be wrong to say that Islam has given the status to women, because Islam is the religion that came and gave women their position, clarified their status in the society, and told it a safe procedure in which they be safe from all eyes. So now it is up to the woman whether she wants to be safe like an oyster pearl or want to be the object of everyone’s entertainment.

A woman is an invaluable resource. She is a pearl with more modesty than men. In this regard, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said;

“When you are not modest, do whatever you want”

If we look at the present era, the struggle of women regarding the hijab proves that the hijab is the eminence of a woman. Looking at the way “Islamophobia” is becoming a permanent term in the world, we want to salute girls like Maskan.

Muskan’s shout of Allahu Akbar conveys the message that our religion is so beautiful that it does not prevent a woman from joining the battle with a veil, which is also exemplified by the events of the famous Companions of Islam. Examples of the bravery of Hazrat Khula, may Allah be pleased with her, are given in the books as well.

In this case, preventing women with hijab from getting an education or doing any work is very inappropriate and anti-Islamic behavior. Many such incidents have happened in the past.

There are countless incidents of harassment of Muslim women regarding hijab. We women were sometimes deported in the case of Marwa Qawachi and sometimes killed in the case of Marwa Sharbini, but the commitment to hijab is getting stronger. Therefore, we should not give up the hijab out of fear of these anti-Islamic elements, but make it more common.

Even today, women are ahead in every field with hijab, hijab is not the name of coercion and coercion, but the name of love, encouragement and education so that no stone is left in the respect and honor of women.

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