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Video of a Pakistani beggar in China goes viral

Netizens have reacted strongly as a video of Pakistani panhandler outside a mosque in China is making rounds on the internet.

 A Pakistani citizen named Fahad Ali posted a video of another Pakistani who was begging outside a mosque in China.

“I saw a man crying and begging when I came out of a mosque after Asr prayer,” the post reads. “I am a Pakistani, the recent flood has destroyed everything I had, please help me.”


Mr Ali said that the Pakistani beggar stopped acting when he saw him filming.

“I believed that travelling from Pakistan to China would cost between two and three lakh rupees. Many Pakistanis travel to China each year to pursue careers as scientists, engineers, and scholars, bringing honor to their country. But individuals like them damage the reputation of the nation. The Pakistani Embassy should deal with this and seize their passport,” Fahd added.

Here is how the netizens reacted: 


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