Uzair Baloch involved in killing of 198 people: JIT report

KARACHI: The Joint Investigation Reports (JIT) of Lyari Crime Lord Uzair Baloch has revealed that the accused had involved in the killing of 198 people and several heinous crimes.
According to the report, Uzair Baloch confessed to killing 198 people during gang wars and ethnic conflicts in the province. The investigators also listed names of Uzair Baloch’s family members, as well as exposed his accomplices who had carried out inhumane crimes.
The names of Habib Jan Baloch, Habib Hasan, Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla, also known as Lyari gang war commander, and dozens of others were also mentioned in the JIT report.
The JIT report revealed that seven-station house officers (SHOs) had been appointed in police stations on the basis of Baloch’s political influences in order to establish an organized network of criminals in Lyari.
In 2019, Iqbal Bhatti had been appointed as Town Police Office (TPO) Lyari by Uzair Baloch, whereas, Muhammad Raisi had been given charge of Lyari administrator in the same year.
The JIT report also revealed the purchase of various weapons between 2008 and 2013, as well as his implication in the targeted killing of several people.
The report stated that the extortion money worth million was sent to a foreign country on a monthly basis despite Baloch fled from Pakistan during wide-scale operation initiated in Karachi.
The JIT investigators also exposed the ownership of illegal assets of Uzair Baloch in Pakistan and Dubai.
More than 20 accomplices of Uzair Baloch are listed in the JIT report which also mentioned a 16-member squad of the Lyari gang war criminal.
It was also disclosed that the accused involved in several heinous crimes, including target killing, drug dealing, the illegal business of weapons, land grabbing, extortion and other criminal activities.
Sindh government has announced that it will make Uzair Baloch’s JIT public on July 6 (Monday).
Earlier, the Sindh government formed a joint investigation team for the Lyari gang war ringleader Uzair Baloch.
The officials of Rangers, police, Intelligence Bureau, ISI, MI and BS-19 officers of different institutions were included in the JIT.
Uzair Baloch was apprehended by Law Enforcement Agency personnel for investigations into his criminal activities in 2016.
Pakistan army had taken Baloch in custody in April 2017, a year after his arrest by Pakistan Sindh Rangers, to try him for espionage and leaking of sensitive information to foreign intelligence agencies.
A military court sentenced the notorious Lyari gangster to 12-years in prison after convicting him of espionage for foreign countries on June 19.
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