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Wednesday 25th May 2022 / 23 Shawwal 1443

Usman Mukhtar and Ushna Shah slam Mark Ruffalo for suddenly supporting Israel

Pakistani celebrities have responded in shock to Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo’s statement over the Israel-Palestine issue as he backtracked on his statements.

The 53-year-old turned to Twitter and shared that after reflection on his opinion now he had changed his stance. Previously, he was lauded for his stand against Israeli violence towards Palestinians.

Claiming that his opinions were uninformed, he wrote, “I have reflected and wanted to apologise for posts during the recent Israel/Hamas fighting that suggested Israel is committing ‘genocide’.” Ruffalo added, “It’s not accurate, it’s inflammatory, disrespectful, and is being used to justify antisemitism here and abroad. Now is the time to avoid hyperbole.”

Pakistani celebrities and social media users were quick to react to his statement as they called him out for retracting his previous statements.  Usman Mukhtar reacted shockingly to the actor’s tweet on his Instagram story. Actress Ushna Shah also reacted and wrote, “And then there were none,” wrote the actress on her Instagram story.


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