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Saturday 23rd October 2021 / 17 Rabiulawal 1443

US diplomatic mission to Afghanistan

We know that the media, which appears to be a seemingly innocent source of information, is also a weapon of war. Such weapons are often used before cannons and tanks. By using it in advance, public opinion is prepared for a possible war. Because war without public support can cause difficulties for oneself.

Media is also used during the war for two main purposes. First to aware the respective nation that they are constantly advancing in the battlefield. Second to discourage the public opinion of the rival country. This effort is necessary because the morale of the rival army depends on its own public opinion.

On the contrary, when the cannons are silenced at the end of the war, the media’s weapon is still in use. If there is a victory, then everything from the celebration of victory to humiliating the enemy happens by using media. And if there is a defeat, then there is an attempt to defend their loss by providing baseless claims.

All these misinformation is spread for the consolation of the nation. There is no doubt that sometimes this propaganda works for a while, but soon the facts come to light. Because truth never lies.

When the media is a weapon, then it also requires a war strategy. For a time, its war tactics were temporary. Such approaches were formed and used only in pre-prepared situations. But now the so-called “Fifth Generation War”, launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin, is a permanent and systematic strategy. And social media has a key role to play.

Currently, fifth generation war with regard to Afghanistan is in full swing. The war is going on Pakistan and its two neighboring countries and by the grace of Allah Almighty Pakistan is succeeding in this so far. The propaganda of Indian media was exposed and the country was ridiculed all over the world, and even some of their media houses were forced to give explanation.

At the same time, even in United States, the media has quietly changed its tactics. Just like in politics, sometimes agitated and sometimes soft-spoken people are put forward according to the situation. When the United States wanted war, its media had camps of “experts” who supported the war and Western imperialism. There every argument was in favor of war, and every assurance was that “we are winning.”

80% of the time was provided to such experts who were in favor of war and 20% to those who are against it. Through this move, the media is actually trying to prove itself neutral, but people now understand its strategies.

After 15 August, I had always reiterated that the United States will never leave Afghanistan’s space empty for China and Russia. It will soon return diplomatically, and will recognize the new Afghan government. Obviously this is a big U-turn. So for that, American public opinion must first be smoothed out. It is clear that work has begun in this regard.

On the one hand, the White House and the US State Department have started giving positive signals, at the same time, the balance has been shifted on the media to smooth public opinion. Now, 80% of the time is being given to such intellectuals who do not support war and advocates of peace.

Experts appearing in the American media are usually professors of international affairs at its universities. These days, such experts are often seen in the American media and almost everyone is using a phrase when giving their opinion: “Afghan students had no role in 9/11. The perpetrators of 9/11 were all Arabs, so the war with Afghan students was unjustified and wrong. We want to have a lasting relationship with them.”

Now, if you think about it, this is exactly what the Afghan students were saying immediately after 9/11: “What do we have to do with 9/11? We were not involved in his plan, nor were we aware. So what are we being punished for?” The United States not only rejected the students’ statement, but also bombed and tortured them for 20 years.

When 9/11 happened and the issue of Osama’s extradition came up, Afghan students convened a jirga of 800 clerics at the Continental Hotel in Kabul to ask for their suggestions on the matter. The jirga suggested that Osama be asked to leave Afghan territory voluntarily.

Even before the formal announcement, the United States immediately take the position that “Even if Osama bin Laden left the Afghan territory, we would still attack Afghanistan, because we have other grievances”. And then it did the same. The country committed a military coup in Afghanistan with the help of 48 countries. It was sure that they would be victorious.

But twenty years later, the United States had to leave Kabul in such a way that Saigon’s embarrassment subsided. What the media is constantly spreading through its anti-war experts is that the students had nothing to do with 9/11. If America would have accepted then-statement of Afghan students, such huge loss of human lives hadn’t occurred.

Now the question is how to view its possible diplomatic return. Should afghan students accept its friendship or refuse it. So the answer is very simple. The United States should be welcomed. Balance is very important in politics, whether domestic or international. When a country or this whole world is under the influence of a single world power, its losses are severe.

Thank God the United States has lost its position as a world power. Now China is a fast-growing global power. Over the next five to ten years, it looks set to surpass the United States. Its emergence as a superpower is essential for balance. Water must remain a cadre for the fire.

So, in our region, supremacy must undoubtedly belong to the powers of this region, but for balance, the United States must also be present here. So that, no one global power can dominate the whole world. We have not only seen but also suffered the consequences of American domination and complacency. For twenty years, the United States was occupying Afghanistan. But now when it returns, the country’s status in Afghanistan will not be that of a master, but of a simple country.

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