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Thursday 9th February 2023 / 18 Rejab 1444

Urs celebrations Of Baba Bulleh Shah begins in Kasur

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Urs celebrations Of Baba Bulleh Shah begins in Kasur

KASUR: The 263th urs of renowned Sufi saint Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah began in Kasur on Friday and will continue for two days.

Punjab Auqaf and Religious Affairs Minister Syed Saeed-ul-Hassan Shah inaugurated the urs celebrations and laid a floral wreath on the grave of the Sufi poet. Special prayers were offered for the progress and prosperity of the country on the occasion.

Secretary Auqaf Dr Arshad Ahmad, Director-General Syed Tahir Raza Bokhari, officials of the district administration, ulema and a large number of devotees were also present. The Urs celebrations would continue till 6th September.

Addressing on the occasion, the minister said he issued directions for the renovation of all shrines under the auqaf department. Police have made foolproof security arrangements during the urs.

Deputy Commissioner Manzar Javed Ali has notified a local holiday on 5th September on the occasion of the urs. According to the notification, the officers and personnel who have been assigned duty in view of possible flood in the Sutlej River will perform their duty as normal.

Bulleh Shah is believed to have been born in 1680 in the small village of Uch near Bahawalpur and later moved to Kasur. He received his education from Maulana Mohiyuddin, while his spiritual teacher was the eminent Sufi saint Shah Inayat Qadiri.

A large amount of what is known about Bulleh Shah comes through legends. Bulleh Shah practiced the Sufi tradition of Punjabi poetry established by poets like Shah Hussain (1538–1599), Sultan Bahu (1629–1691), and Shah Sharaf (1640–1724).

Bulleh Shah lived in the same period as the famous Sindhi Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. His lifespan also overlapped with legendary Punjabi poet Waris Shah of Heer Ranjha fame and the famous Sindhi Sufi poet Sachal Sarmast.

The verse form Bulleh Shah used is called the Kafi, a style of Punjabi, Sindhi and Siraiki poetry. Bulleh Shah is a beacon of hope and peace for the citizens of Punjab, while constantly searching for God. The simplicity with which Bulleh Shah has been able to address the complex fundamental issues of life and humanity is a large part of his appeal.

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