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Tuesday 28th September 2021 / 21 Safar 1443

Unwanted negative news

The gang-rape of a young woman on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway has sparked outrage among the people of Pakistan and once again underscored why it is so difficult to contain the scourge of sexual violence in Pakistan. Despite the criticism from the public, nowadays, we are witnessing a majority of unwanted negative news.

Such news is being spread against the incompetence of state and government institutions, which are defaming Pakistan and will badly affect the economic development of the country. It is therefore imperative to expose the hollowness and falsehood of the negative news.

Anti-Pakistan states are trying to hurt the sentiments of innocent Pakistanis by spreading negative news against the state and government institutions. Some envelope journalists have started a campaign against the state institutions to increase the instability in Pakistan.

The anti-Pakistan states also took advantage of the recent gang-rape incident and started defaming Pakistan, which will directly affect the country’s tourism sector. It is worth mentioning here that the highest numbers of rape cases are reported in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India.

Still, Pakistan is being labeled as an unsafe country for women. The government of Pakistan is taking measures to curb rape incidents. The anti-Pakistan states are playing mind games with the innocent Pakistanis through spreading fake and negative news.

Let’s take an example. Recently, the world’s biggest countries came to a standstill due to deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The world’s strongest economies collapsed and were unable to contain the outbreak. At that time, Pakistan stood firm and fight against COVID-19 and poverty, which was widely praised by the world. The figures show that Pakistan has done better than other countries in the world.

Furthermore, the anti-Pakistan states are against the Pak-China friendship and the most-important China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Some envelope journalists are constantly creating negative propaganda against China for acquiring lands in Pakistan. We should remember that China was the first country that helped Pakistan financially and medically at the time of the pandemic.

Since independence, Pakistan is constantly fighting against the media war and negative propaganda. The main focus of Pakistan’s incumbent government is to develop the country’s economy and friendly relations with other countries.

And so far, we have achieved success. Our economy has been better as compared to the past. Our trades increased with several countries. Our LSM companies are growing their businesses day by day. However, the people of Pakistan should be responsible and should avoid negative propaganda and negative news.

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