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Thursday 6th October 2022 / 10 Rabiulawal 1444

Undeclared war

History shows that after the First World War, when the European armies entered the historic city of Damascus in Syria, General Henri Gouraud visited the mausoleum of the great Muslim general Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, and with great arrogance said, “Salahuddin, We’re Back.”

The British hate Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi and Tipu Sultan as much as they don’t hate anyone else in the world. It is often said that these two sultans, in spite of their abundant military resources, had thrashed the pride of the British.

With the end of the Muslim Caliphate, imperialism and Western colonialism formed an alliance to avenge the dreadful defeats of the Crusade, and the series of conspiracies and fabrications against the Islamic world continues to this day. Its main target is Pakistan, whose brave forces are still defending their homeland.

When the Christians recaptured Spain, life became difficult for the Muslims. The number of Muslims was so large that Christians were tired of the massacre. The then Crusader King Fernández de Córdoba declared that the lives and property of the Muslims in Spain were not safe, so they should be resettled overseas. “Muslims who want to go there should be prepared.”

Hundreds of Muslims boarded the ship with their wives and children. In the middle of the sea, the workers of King Fernández set the ship on fire and leave the boat by lifeboats (safety boats). When the ammunition caught fire, the whole ship sank.

And this war is still going on today in various forms and we Muslims are somehow becoming targets and sometimes we feel proud to be puppets of Jews and Christians and loved to dance to their tunes.

If you think about it, you will feel that the Crusades are now being fought not in the United States, Britain and other Christian countries, but in the major centers of the Islamic world, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other Muslim countries are about to be affected.

In most Muslim countries, political unrest, economic instability, bombings, suicide attacks, extremism, and a powerful elite network have kept them in check. In Pakistan, despite borrowing billions of dollars, the condition of the people doesn’t improve.

Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and many other Muslim countries are now so weakened that they are unable to defend themselves. Even Saudi Arabia, the hub of Muslims, is now dependent on others for security. But the Muslim rulers are so engrossed in the dream of negligence that they have no concern for the future or the people.

History shows that in 644 AD, Amir al-Mu’minin Omar Farooq was the second Caliphate. At that time, the world powers were afraid of the growing power of the Muslims.

In those days, the Roman Empire sent a delegation to Al Madinah to review the situation. When they reached there, they asked, “Where is the palace of your emperor?” The citizens of the Al Madinah were unfamiliar with words as emperor and palace.

One of the companions said, “Whom do you want to meet?” The newcomer replied that we want to meet ‘the king of the Muslims’.  The companion said, “Muslims do not have a king. Our caliph is Omar Farooq, who has all the administrative affairs of the state. He does not live in a palace. He has a small house. “

“You can meet him at the Prophet’s Mosque or he will be resting under a tree somewhere,” the companion added. The delegation was surprised after listening to this. After meeting with Hazrat Omar Farooq, the Roman delegation said, “Omar, it seems that you are on Justice that is why you can fall asleep on the hot sands. Our kings are cruel and dishonest and cannot sleep even in the siege of big palaces and dozens of guards.”

Probably, Pakistani rulers enjoy the most protocol in the entire world. People face hours of traffic jams regularly when these rulers are visiting some places. In the meantime, if patients die in ambulances, even if students are late for their academics and employees from work, the health of the rulers is not affected.

Today, anti-Islamic forces have imposed an undeclared crusade on Muslims. We do not even realize it. Presently, in most of the Muslim countries of the world, the blood of Muslims is being shed under various pretexts.

In some places, sectarianism and linguistic strife have become the norm. Somewhere in the name of democracy, somewhere in the name of Khilafah and somewhere in the name of Islam, our fellow believers are being exploited or their rights are being usurped.

It is not bad to watch a spectacle by setting fire to one’s house with one’s own hands if greed, lies, and crookedness fall on one’s eyes. This is what the Crusade think tanks want, and we are following their agenda with our eyes closed.

Isn’t it necessary to consider that the Crusades are being fought in Iraq, Kashmir, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and not in the United States, Britain and other Christian countries?

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