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UN must listen to Kashmiris as Yasin’s life is in danger: Mushaal

ISLAMABAD: Peace and Culture Organisation Chairperson Mushaal Hussein Mullick said that Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Yasin Malik was battling for life in the notorious Tihar jail as he was deprived of all legal, constitutional and fundamental human rights.

Speaking at a hunger strike camp set up in front of the Islamabad press club along with her daughter Raziyah Sultana here on Saturday, Mushaal said that Yasin Malik was forced to fast unto death against Indian fascist authorities which denied him the right to a fair trial.

Mushaal, who is the wife of Yasin Malik, revealed that the fascist Narendra Modi-led Hindutva regime crossed all limits of barbarism and cruelties to silence the most powerful voice of Kashmir’s peaceful freedom struggle but they failed to materialize in their nefarious designs.

The chairperson stated that the people of Kashmir set up hunger strikes camps worldwide to express solidarity with their beloved leader and to expose the dirty and criminal face of the Modi-led Hindutva regime.

She said that the biased kangaroo courts convicted Yasin Malik in false and fictitious fraudulent cases in order to pressurize him to shun his struggle to break the shackles of Indian slavery.

However, Mushaal said that despite using all inhuman and unlawful tactics, the lion of Kashmir refused to surrender and vowed that he would sacrifice his life but won’t compromise on the birth rights of Kashmiri’s right to self-determination.

Hence, the Hurriyat leader expressed her apprehension about her husband who was put in the death cell, as the occupation authorities had already tortured to death dozens of seniors Kashmiri leaders and the youth.

She urged the UN to listen to the Kashmiri people’s voices as Yasin Malik’s life was in danger.
Mushaal said that the Modi-led government should learn lesson as they failed to achieve anything despite unleashing a wave of terrorism and genocide of Kashmiri people for the last seven decades.

The Chairperson went on to say that India was an extremist state and a risk to regional as well as world peace.

Mushaal urged that the world powers and UN bodies should shun the duplicity and adopted a clear and unanimous stance to press the brutal regime to not only ensure the release of Yasin Malik but to give Kashmiri people their long-denied birth rights.

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