UN must demand India to lift Kashmir curfew: Maleeha Lodhi

Pakistan to work for stability, peace in the region
UNITED NATIONS: UN Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said that the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) must demand India to lift the curfew in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK).
Maleeha Lodhi posted on Twitter about her UNGA debate, “ I told UNGA that the Security Council must act, by demanding that India lift the curfew, end the communication blackout, allow people to exercise all their rights; release all those detained; halt human rights violations, including use of force against unarmed demonstrators.”
She further said, “I said in UN General Assembly that after the illegal Indian annexation of occupied Jammu and Kashmir the grim reality of occupation has become ever starker for the Kashmiris. In its second month, the darkness of the curfew & blackout imposed on the ppl shows no sign of ending.”

She further added, “Speaking today in UN General Assembly in the debate on the report of the SC, I pointed out in the context of IOK that when the Security Council fails to implement its own resolutions, the price is paid, in blood, by generations of innocent people. This travesty must end.” 

Maleeha Lodhi said, “Speaking today in UNGA in the debate on the report of Security Council, I said while some resolutions are implemented, others are ignored. The Kashmir dispute not only represents a brutal occupation but is also a reminder of SC promise to Kashmiris of their right to self-determination.”

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