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Ulema-e-Aman Committee voices concerns about growing ethnic conflicts in Sindh

KARACHI: Leaders of Ulema-e-Aman Committee Sindh have voiced their concerns about the growing ethnic conflicts in the province.

Addressing a presser on Monday at National Press Club, Chairman Ulema-e-Aman Committee Sindh Mufti Jameel Korae sahb, advocate Jay Kumar and Kashif Hussain Naqvi urged the people of the province to join hand against hate merchants.

Mufti Jameel said the people of Sindh are fighting against each other, he termed the ethnic violence in the province as part of a global conspiracy. He pointed toward the arrest of many foreigners in the recent days regarding the ethnic violence.

“Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashtuns and Baloch are brothers and should avoid fighting each other on the basis of ethnicity.” He said.

He further said, in order to defeat such conspiracies, the government and Islamic scholars should join hand.

Advocate Ajay Kumar said that following the order of the Supreme Court, the Sindh government should send all the foreigners back to their country.

Kashif Hussain Naqvi said that we are working to promote religious tolerance in the entire country.

 Maulana Jalaluddin Chachar, Qari Abdul Rahim Hanafi, Asif Ali Jaskani, Abdul Rafi Bhutto and others were also present on this occasion.

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