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Twitterati blame Ayesha Akram for destroying Pakistan’s reputation

TikToker Ayesha Akram, who was allegedly harassed by a mob of people at Lahore’s Iqbal Park near Minar e Pakistan, has been facing backlash after she held her partner Rambo for the entire incident, two months after the incident.

In a written statement submitted to DIG Investigation, the TikToker claimed that Rambo along with his accomplices has secretly shot her indecent videos. Ayesha claimed she had paid Rs1 million to Rambo and he was now demanding more.  

In such cases, there are high chances that a woman is blamed for what happened with her or how she deals with the situation. The same happened in the case of Ayesha just after she released her latest statement. Let’s have a look at how social media users reacted to it: