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Twitter begins testing its new ‘privacy’ feature

Twitter has launched a new feature that allows star users to make money off their feeds. Source: AFP/ Yahoo News.

Twitter has begun testing a new privacy feature for the convenience of its users in which users will be able to follow their followers.

According to the report, now if users are fed up with any of their followers, they will be able to easily remove it from their list of followers, the notification of which will not be received by this person.

Previously, users did not have the option to follow them, but they had to block that particular person. This feature of Twitter is currently only available to some users on the web version, with this option users will not be able to view any of your posts. 

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To use this feature, users have to go to the followers in their profile and click on the three-dot icon there and select the option to remove the follower. Under the feature, notifications will not be sent to those who follow him to let him know that he has been removed from the list, but if he finds out, he can follow again.