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Try spicy whole goat Khaddi Kebab at Karachi’s Hawkes Bay

Khaddi Kebab is made from a whole lamb or goat. Source: MM News.

Khaddi Kebab is an interesting item of Balochi cuisine. It is a whole lamb or goat cooked underground by placing it in a fire pit until it is fully cooked.

This whole Khaddi Kebab weighs almost 10 to 12 kilograms and can be eaten by many people at a time. This dish must be on the list of top foods in Pakistan.

The dish has now made its way to Karachi. Therefore, we headed out to Hawkes Bay to try out this spicy specialty. Khaddi Kebab is mostly eaten in winters but we still decided to try it out.

In Middle East, Khadi Kebab is made from camel whereas, in Sindh and Balochistan, it is from a whole goat or lamb. The lamb is stuffed with rice, boiled eggs, dried fruits, and garnished vegetables.

This rice is cooked in the stomach with the fats of the lamb or goat until the meat is moist and tender. A large number of people turn to Hawkes Bay in the evening to try the Khaddi Kebab.

If you are really interested, you have to place your order one day in advance. The price is based on the weight of the goat at approximately Rs2680 per person.  The mutton is first marinated to absorb spices and then a platter is served for 10-14 people.

If there are fewer eaters, a platter weighing 4 to 5 kg is also prepared which comes in a steamer. This is called dumpukht. It is still showered with hot oil to make the seat

The restaurant owners say they have a branch in Hyderabad and the other in Hawkes Bay. They asked customers to come with their family and friends and have a full Khaddi Kabab.

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