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Tuesday 28th September 2021 / 21 Safar 1443

Tough times ahead

Pakistan is in a tough situation. The rapidly changing geo-political scenario in the region and the imminent outbreak of a civil war in Afghanistan coupled with Modi’s continuous insinuations and diatribe against Pakistan shows the increasing use of the fifth-generation warfare.

The alleged abduction of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter in Islamabad is part of this hybrid war. The initial investigation revealed completely different circumstances contrary to reports, nor did the envoy cooperate with local authorities. This takes the entire episode in a completely different direction and raises serious apprehensions that the matter maybe something else.

After the situation is clear, the question arises why there was a need to create such a drama. The fourth and now fifth generation wars have been going on for several years in Pakistan. The changing geo-political and regional region should be kept in mind. The current situation in Afghanistan is fragile and Ashraf Ghani and other countries are repeatedly blaming Pakistan for their failures.

Pakistan is being defamed through the fifth generation war. India is collaborating with its Israeli allies for these nefarious designs. This is evident as India has allocated the largest budget of RAW for this purpose and routinely uses its agents in Afghanistan and Pakistan by creating incidents such the Afghan ambassador’s daughter. Corruption flourished in Afghanistan during Ashraf Ghani’s president and he started politics of blaming Pakistan for his failures.

The Afghan president and Defence Minister have repeatedly levelled baseless accusations just to pressurize Pakistan and defame it among the global community. The Afghan President and India’s covert nexus is not hidden from anyone as both have conspired against Pakistan.

The case of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter and allegations of sending 10,000 fighters from Pakistan to Afghanistan are also part of this Afghan-Indian conspiracy in which Pakistan Is being made a scapegoat. President Ashraf Ghani is just attempting to prolong his rule by blaming his failures on Pakistan. In the current situation, Ghani might not even have an opportunity to get out of Afghanistan. In case of a Taliban takeover, ordinary Afghans will flee abroad with their families, but it may not be possible for Ashraf Ghani to get the chance.

Looking at the global perspective, tensions between the United States and China are rising. The US wants to stop Chinese influence and is trying to prevent the BRI from being implemented. By stopping CPCEC, the US is attempting to suppress China’s ambitions. The situation is escalating and could worsen relations between the world’s largest economies. This has also exposed the US-India nexus.

As far as the FATF is concerned, all countries are committed to implement 40 points including 27 general and nine related to terror financing which were included after 9/11 attacks. All countries are tested on the same scale by the global watchdog. Pakistan was tasked to complete the action plan and we successfully implemented 26 out of 27 points.

There was immense pressure to implement the last point and the FATF President was told by the United States to retain Pakistan on the grey list unless it does not complies with it. It is noteworthy that the government has made a law to implement this last point and has referred it to the judiciary. Pakistan is working on it and there are clear signs of progress on this issue as well.

There are also political motives behind the FATF’s last point which may be a feature of the fifth generation warfare. Pakistan has always been accused of facilitating and financing terrorists, and now the FATF’s last point has revealed another conspiracy to discredit Pakistan. The situation is reaching a point where Pakistan can be forced to comply with its demands and will be entrapped in the future.

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