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Saturday 23rd October 2021 / 17 Rabiulawal 1443

Tiktok star Hareem Shah’s new massage video goes viral

Hareem Shah Gets Massage In A Massage Parlor In Turkey (Photo YouTube)

Hareem Shah Gets Massage In A Massage Parlor In Turkey (Photo YouTube)

ISTANBUL: A new video of controversial TikToker Hareem Shah getting a massage in Turkey’s massage parlor has gone viral.

Hareem Shah is often in the news for her controversial claims, and recently she had a massage in a massage parlor in Turkey, which has somehow triggered social media users.

In the video, a young massager can be seen massaging Hareem Shah and this has angered netizens who have expressed their displeasure and reacted strongly in the comments.

It should be noted that the video of Hareem Shah, a well-known Pakistani victim of controversy, taking a bath in a swimming pool last month had also caused a stir on social media.

In July, Hareem Shah had talked about Farooq Sattar and Fayaz ul Hassan Chohan and faulted the two political figures for criticizing her while acting pious before the populace. She referenced that Chohan is a pleasant individual and that she never uncovered his real essence since she would not like to demolish Fayaz’s picture before the world.

According to her, both political leaders specially Chohan has no right to comment on her and her personal life neither they can insult her. While pointing out both the political leaders, Shah ranted that such leaders know nothing, neither ethics, education, manners, or honesty, and are totally unaware of doing politics.

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Such politicians misuse protocols and they must be exposed publicly, said Hareem Shah by adding that this is what she did to both politicians who tried to defame her. “People like Chohan and Sattar don’t deserve respect,” maintained Hareem.

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