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TikTok rolls out new features for enhanced user experience


The video-sharing platform TikTok announced the launch of several new features aimed at providing viewers with more ways to discover content, tailor their viewing experience to their personal preferences, and enjoy a safer experience for users of different ages. 

The new features include a popular feed which is a non-personalised feed of popular content appropriate for people aged 13 and older and a keyword mute feature to filter content with specified words or hashtags from the “For You” feeds. 

There is a reset feature to reset your “For You” feed if your recommendations don’t quite feel like they’re for you anymore and a dispersion feature for expanding TikTok’s tests to diversify and safeguard recommendations globally.

The platform also plans to introduce a content classification system known as content levels. It is a system that classifies content that is commonly used by entertainment companies to identify how mature content is for users of different ages or with different tolerances of comfort for some themes.

This system will add an additional layer of protection by classifying content that has passed through moderation. When the platform detects that a video contains mature or complex themes, for example, fictional scenes that may be too frightening or intense for younger audiences, a maturity score will be allocated to the video to help prevent those under 18 from viewing it across the TikTok experience.

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