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Three people killed following lightning strike outside White House


A tragic incident has happened near the White House in the United States, lightning struck the wedding anniversary celebration, killing three people including an elderly couple, and seriously injuring four people.

According to foreign media reports, the incident of lightning occurred at Washington Lafayette Square near the White House. Donna Mueller, 75, and James Mueller, 76, were among the four injured by a lightning strike near the White House.

Donna’s niece said on the occasion that Jim and Donna loved each other very much, and the whole family is in shock after his sudden death. It was initially reported by the administration that two men and two women were injured by lightning and have been shifted to the hospital in critical condition.

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However, it is now being told by the administration that an elderly couple in the park was celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary when a lightning strike occurred, the elderly couple was killed and another person participating in the ceremony was also killed. has been killed, besides 4 people have also been injured.



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