Three-day flower show opens at Karachi University

KARACHI: The Vice-Chancellor University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi has inaugurated the three-day flower show at the KU Centre for Plant Conservation-Botanic Garden.

According to details, the Karachi University’s (KU-CPC) Flower Show 2021 would remain open for the general public till March 12, 2021. In the three-day floral exhibition, a large number of floral and fruit plants have been put on display, on the Centre’s green landscape situated over a hilly area.

A large number of students, deans of various faculties, and chairpersons of several departments, faculty including members of the Confucius Institute attended the inaugural ceremony. The former vice-chancellor University of Karachi Professor Dr Muhammad Qaiser informed the audience that in the next five years.

“There would be a severe water shortage in Pakistan while on the other hand, we already facing severe difficulties due to the rapidly growing population,” he added.

Dr Muhammad Qaiser shared that the KU Botanic Garden was established with the main objective of raising awareness among the general public about the importance of plants and forests and the impact of their eradication on human lives.

He said, “One of the major causes of climate change is the rapid deforestation for which we are all responsible”. “We need to build dams as well as promote the plantation of native plants on a priority basis that is compatible with our ecosystem which will not only reduce the temperature but also increase rainfall,” Dr Qaiser added.

Meanwhile, the KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said that increasing pollution and air density in modern times have harmed human life. “There is a need to create awareness among the people about the protection of trees and plants,” he said.

“Flowers are the best symbol of love and peace”, he mentioned, adding exhibiting flowers in the natural environment is an important need of the hour for the establishment of a healthy society.

Dr Khalid Iraqi said that the flower show is a good opportunity to bring the people living in the cities closer to the natural beauty and natural environment. He observed that flowers are a beautiful gift of nature that brings freshness and fragrance to the environment.

The Director CPC Dr Anjum Parveen while highlighting the objectives of the exhibition said that the exhibition would not only help in sharing the beautiful masterpieces of nature to the general public but also raise awareness about the importance of flowers and fidelity.

She mentioned that about 2,000 varieties of flowers are put on display. She informed the audience that KU-CPC is conducting research-based activities to reduce the impact of global issues and challenges.