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This delicious Hyderabadi pulao is a must try

Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, has a rich and diverse history, offering an overload options of culinary extravaganza.

Its cultural melange and wide population’s food choice is reflected in the excellent restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from around the world. But, one thing that actually sets the city apart is ‘biryani’ and ‘pulao’.

Have you ever tried biryani and pulao as a single meal? That too a Hyderabadi Pulao? Well, the city of lights is offering a delicious Hyderabadi pulao and chicken biryani at Master Pakwan and Food.

Situated at New Karachi’s number 5 area, the Master Pakwan and Food has been serving the delicious pulao for the past 35 years now.

If you wish to relish the best pulao in Karachi, then this place is a must-try. You will be able to enjoy some of the city’s most popular dishes like Hyderabadi pulao and chicken biryani with refreshing creamy mint raita.

The spicy and flavourful taste of seasoned rice, tender meat, and homemade spices, makes sure that you create a real feast when you are seeking comfort food at any time of day.

Moreover, this place is known for maintaining its quality and taste all these years and their scrumptious spicy range of biryanis will never disappoint you.

Their chicken biryani and induced homemade spices the great Hyderabadi pulao are a must-try. The place is a favorite among families and the buzz in there gives you a great feeling.

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