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Wednesday 1st February 2023 / 10 Rejab 1444

This adorable cow is only 22 inches tall

There is no doubt that God has power over everything and a cow that is only 22 inches is one of His miracles. 

The owner of the 22-inch cow, Zohaib, told MM News that there is no such thing as a special breed of cow, it was born like this naturally. He said that he is 22 inches tall and more than a year and a half old.

Zohaib said that the cow’s weight is between 40 and 50 kg. He said that an animal in the forest quickly becomes two-toothed, while here everything is ready, so it takes time for them to have two teeth. Is. He said that usually, the calf that is born is bigger than that.

“We take good care of it because it’s very small, the kids love it too, so we take good care of it, we have a cow for that,” he said.

“We give him fresh milk,” he maintained. “We do not make a claim, but we are convinced that no one will have such a small calf, it is very innocent, it is a unique thing that we have,” Zohaib proudly said.

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