Thirsty In Ramzan? Try These Tips To Avoid Thirst

When you are fasting in the month of Holy Ramzan, drinking water is not an option. Thirst becomes your usual companion through the hot summer days of Ramzan.

However, there are a few little tips that can help you avoid dehydration and make you feel less thirsty. There are five tips for people fasting 16 hours a day to avoid thirst: 

1) Go easy on water 

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The first tip is to not drink huge amounts of water during seheri because the kidneys get rid of it in a few hours. It is better to extend the amount of water drunk to the hours extending between Iftar and Suhour.

2) Eat healthy not junk

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Eat healthy fruits such as watermelon and grapes that stay long in the intestine, reducing the feelings of hunger and thirst. Avoiding salty foods such as pickles, olives, and salted fish increases the chances of stomach acidity and the feeling of thirst.

3) Avoid caffeine

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Avoid drinking liquids that contain caffeine such as coffee and soft drinks due to their diuretic properties that cause the body to lose water quickly.

4) Make vegetables your friend

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Eat vegetables such as cucumbers, because they satisfy thirst and cool the body, helping to relieve nerve disorders. They contain cellulose food fibers that facilitate digestion, expel toxins, and clean the intestines.

5) Unfriend sweets for a month

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Reduce your intake of sweets as they cause a higher degree of thirst because they contain a large proportion of sugars.