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Thieves shouldn’t be allowed to sell national assets: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: The former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday lashed out at the PLM-N led government saying ‘thieves should never be allowed to sell our national assets.

Taking to twitter, the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said “How can Imported govt[government] brought to power through US conspiracy, led by Crime Minister, who’s family along with Zardari have volumes written on their corruption, be trusted with sale of national assets & that too thru bypassing all procedural and legal checks.”

He further said these people have been plundering Pakistan for last 30 years and are now responsible for the present economic meltdown.

“These thieves should never be allowed to sell our national assets in the devious manner they are attempting. The nation will never trust them with our national assets.” He added

Earlier, Imran Khan had rejected to contest general polls in the presence of the current chief election commissioner (CEC). Imran Khan said that PTI will not contest general polls in the presence of the current CEC.

He had said that PTI has vote bank in all four provinces but the organization of transparent elections was impossible in the presence of the current CEC. The former premier said that CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja defeated the PTI by reelections in Daska.

Khan had said that the ECP rejected the recounting of votes in PP-07 Rawalpindi.

However, PM Shehbaz while replying to the PTI chairman claimed Imran suffers from a memory loss and needed a few reminders.

“As per Transparency International report, corruption increased during his rule. Even transfers and postings were on sale in addition to big scams,” he tweeted. “The people are paying the price of how he mismanaged the economy. Imran Niazi deeply hurt the global prestige & standing of the country & its relations with friendly countries. He has lost a sense of balance in his lust for power, which is evidenced by his habitual recourse to lies, propaganda & blatant twisting of facts.”


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