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Tuesday 6th June 2023 / 17 Zulkaedah 1444

These teens will leave you speechless with their parkour stunts

KARACHI: Parkour is an internationally well-received activity, originally designed for military obstacle course training. The activity has become something that adrenaline pumped people enjoy doing a lot.

Parkour uses movement to get from one point to another in a complex environment without any equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible. It also plays a huge role in movies. The action sequences in high-budget Hollywood movies are often performed by professional parkours.

In Pakistan, although a lot of people are not familiar with the activity, many young boys are still practicing it. Some of them belong to Karachi, whose skills will leave you speechless.

These youngsters have so many amazing tricks up their sleeves that it can easily leave you mesmerized. These boys prove that when it comes to Parkour, Pakistani youth aren’t far behind from their western counterparts.

Talking to M.M News, one of the parkour Muhammad Allyan said, “Parkour is my passion because it challenges my physical capabilities. Free running is something I do for self-satisfaction, because of its unique, physically challenging tricks and movements.”

“I first started it after watching it on social media platforms. I am doing these stunts for the past nine years and will continue to do so,” he remarked.

Another parkour Hanzala Amir, said, “When passing an obstacle is very common in our field, but rooftops require too much strength of your body, especially legs, then gym becomes necessary for it.”

Parkour Muhammad Rafay highlighted his favourite stunt, which is ‘rooftop double backflip’, and hoped to be a professional in it. They feel that injuries are unavoidable while practicing parkour, but those who love it don’t overthink about getting hurt.

“All we need a platform to showcase our skills,” they said, urging the government to establish a state-run academy where these youngsters can show their talent, or film directors should consider using their expertise to make their movie’s action sequences a lot more appealing.

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