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Wednesday 29th November 2023 / 16 Jamadilawal 1445

The Endless Approach

If we want viability in the eleventh hour to either prolong professional or personal quandary, we always have an endless approach to deal with. Since the world is trying to alchemize into a fully virtual era and all focuses are on digital marketing expedients to deal with politics, religion, or business matters. We are utterly aware of denotations of positivity in Covid-19 have been turned toward negativity.

Analysis of recent developments regarding social media campaigns is keeping tease in the common mind, as negative approaches convert shortly into positive gestures which leads into the favorable circumstances for affected part.

Negative propaganda always results in successes for the folk and organizations, but the question is who is initiating negative aspects for them?

Well, the truth has been revealed a bit earlier, media cells and the paid social media marketers are the backbones of all stories, which means positivity always took the help of negativity to get success even far before the Covid-19 era.

Recently a saga of drawstring (Nara) overflowed social media with a bunch of convivial posts which were in circulation for almost a week in entire Pakistan, our Memers never comes slow, memes regarding drawstrings ended up on almost every single smartphone in Pakistan, as the brand belongs to a religious personality, therefore, it went into extreme hype due to the holy month Ramadan. Here we have to think twice and consider some factors why this saga came to attention?

Here we go, factor one religious personality, factor two the holy month and the third and main factor the drawstring, lets elaborate these all factors if we focus on “factor one” we can realize that it’s not easy for a specific sect religious leader to cover the business market as followers of other sects will always remain against, “factor two” the holy month Ramadan was the right time to promote religion-related brand name in the market and the third-factor drawstring is a matter of sensitivity as it can be turned into vulgarity.

The viral drawstring saga started up with a negative approach and turned into positive sympathy for the brand name as after a week of the story a public message was issued with the clarification that the brand does not manufacture any kind of drawstring and the viral story was fake, after this public message some snaps went also viral as evidence of noble cause that the foundation of the same religious personality was distributing food items among needy people.

To understand the above saga we need to apply the mathematical formula, minus multiplies minus becomes plus, that’s what is the summary of a saga as well a negative picturesque took negative attention of the targeted audience by which brand reached overnight in every single household of the country after that negativity a positive vibe played a vital role to convert the result in positivity.

Now few questions will always remain in layman’s mind, was the drawstring campaign initiated by them? Or they took the opportunity to take fame with negative propaganda? Anyhow the central idea is we have such a targeted audience that can easily manipulate with endless approaches, we have a lot of experiences in political matters as well where the murder of a politician can be the emotional reason to win the elections.

In short, if we take T from “The” E from “Endless” and “A” from Approach the outcome will be TEA, tea which can give us relief in all kinds of headache and to get comfort in troubles. 

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