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The best Hyderabadi beef pulao in Karachi

When it comes to any special occasions, it’s never complete without the ultimate, delectable meaty mutton pulao! The toned-down flavors, with juicy, succulent meat, and a spoonful of some thick raita, you’ll be hard-pressed to not have a foodgasm just thinking about it.

Although pulao rarely gets the love it deserves, you won’t find anyone who doesn’t like pulao. It’s like the childhood best friend you just have a different, more comfortable love with.

Since pulao is an integral part of Pakistan, a variety of pulao recipes have emerged and cherished especially in Karachi. One such is Hyderabi beef pulao, whose makers say our spices are completely blended, which people love and enjoy.

Situated in North Karachi, the Altawakal Hotel does not just sell a simple pulao, but rather more spicy than the average pulao. Their beef pulao is supremely aromatic and its exquisite usage of elegant spices makes it a very sophisticated dish.

Talking about the ingredients, the staffer said, “We use garlic and ginger paste, tomatoes, lemons, yogurt and damson and other spices.” The masala and taste are really unique and the service is great too. In addition to that, the quantity is great for the price and provides real value for money.

The owner of the shop proudly says he doesn’t know the number of customers they serve each day because it’s difficult to keep count.  They sell beef pulao at Rs340 per kg and a single plate is sold at Rs100.