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Ashraf Ghani claims US-Taliban to begin negotiation process

KABUL: The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday has said that there was a significant improvement as the US -Taliban looked closer in negotiations process over the removal of American troops from Afghanistan. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani took to social media

Its high time to begin trade negotiations seriously with EU: Trump

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump said Monday it is high time to start trade talks with the European Union which he said places extraordinary restrictions on US products. Following a number of trade agreements with Canada, Mexico, and Japan, and a

FATF, Pakistan officials continue holding discussion in Beijing

BEIJING: Pakistan’s officials and the Financial Action Task Force continued discussion in Beijing, where Islamabad’s compliance update on the four-month improvement on the FATF action plan was checked. According to the sources, FATF officials were briefed on four-month progress in