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Over 30 Pakistani migrants found in lorry in France

NICE: Around 30 migrants from Pakistan have been found hidden in a lorry in southern France, said prosecutors. They said the driver, who was also from Pakistan, has been detained. This was discovered after 39 people, all believed to be

84-year-old man tries to burn mosque in France

BAYONNE: An 84-year-old man and former election candidate for Marine Le Pen’s Right National Rally reportedly tried to burn a mosque and shot two men, on Monday. According to sources, the suspect, named Claude Sinke attacked the mosque when the

Heatwave in France leaves 1500 dead

PARIS: France was hit by two heatwaves this summer. It claimed more than 1,500 more lives, Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said on Sunday. The death toll was significantly lower than the unfortunate summer of 2003 when an estimated 15,000 people