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WHO declares international emergency for coronavirus outbreak

GENEVA: The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Thursday that China’s coronavirus epidemic now triggers an international public health emergency. The decision was announced by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, after a conference of its emergency committee, an

Not advisable to evacuate Pakistanis from China: Dr. Zafar Mirza

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health, Dr. Zafar Mirza said that it was not advisable to evacuate Pakistanis from China. Addressing a press conference in China, Dr. Zafar Mirza said that four Pakistani students in China, who

India confirms first case of coronavirus in Kerala

The first confirmed case of novel coronavirus in India has been reported today (Thursday) in the southern state of Kerala. According to details, the patient was a female student studying at Wuhan University, tested positive for the coronavirus after returning

Will ensure safety of Pakistani students in Wuhan: MoFA

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani government is observing the situation in China and is in close contact with the relevant officials to ensure the safety of Pakistani students in Wuhan despite coronavirus infection that has killed 170 people, the Foreign Office said

Coronavirus death row rises to 170 in China

BEIJING: An airplane of Japanese left from the Chinese virus-hit city of Wuhan arrived in Tokyo on Thursday as the total number of reported deaths from the country’s newly identified disease rose by 132 to 170. Chinese health officials said

WHO to decide if coronavirus has become global crisis

WASHINGTON: The World Health Organization (WHO) called a meeting of its emergency committee to decide whether the outbreak of the new coronavirus constitutes an international public health crisis. “Preventing the spread of this epidemic both in China and internationally is

Death toll by coronavirus rises to 132 as tourists leave China

BEIJING: Countries started to evacuate their residents from the hardest-hit Chinese city on Wednesday after an outbreak of a new virus that has killed 132 people and affected over 6,000 people on the mainland and worldwide. Four men with cough

Four Pakistani students diagnosed with coronavirus in China: Mirza

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister on health Dr. Zafar Mirza has said on Wednesday that four Pakistani students have been infected by a coronavirus in China. Taking to the social media Dr. Zafar Mirza said, “Got confirmation that 4

Pakistan in constant touch with China over Coronavirus: MoFA

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office spokesperson Ayesha Farooqi on Tuesday has said that we are in constant contact with Chinese authorities on the Coronavirus issue and the situation is constantly being reviewed. In a message to the social media, foreign office spokesperson

Trouble increases as death toll hitting 106 by coronavirus in China

BEIJING: Casualties from a new viral disease that is causing an increasing global alarm jumped by 25 to at least 106 on Tuesday in China as the United States and other governments planned to travel their people out of the

No Pakistani citizen infected with coronavirus in China: FM Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Tuesday has stated that not a single Pakistani citizen infected with coronavirus in China so far. Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in a statement said that we are in constant touch with our

Donald Trump offers China any help to combat Coronavirus

WASHINGTON: United States President Donald Trump on Monday has offered China for any help to control deadly Coronavirus, which has taken over 80 lives and affected more than 2,700 people so far. Taking to the social media U.S President Donald

China’s health experts agree coronavirus not as strong as SARS

BEIJING: Leading Chinese health experts said that the new mystery coronavirus in China, which has infected nearly 2,000 people and killed others, is “not as strong as a severe acute respiratory syndrome” (SARS). The lethal virus has been disturbed by

Coronavirus threat

A newly-identified respiratory virus that causes pneumonia has been recently discovered in China. The coronavirus, which is believed to have originated at a food market in Wuhan city, has killed 56 people and infected around two thousand in the country.

No report of coronavirus among any Pakistani in China: FO

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday released an statement on the coronavirus in China and the welfare of Pakistani Community in Wuhan. The Foreign Office said the ministry and the Pakistan Embassy in China are actively monitoring the

Bill Gates predicted Chinese Coronavirus a year ago

Microsoft founder Bill Gates predicted in 2018 that a super-virus pandemic will breakout that could kill 33 million people in the first six months. In December 2018, Bill Gates said that the world is not prepared for pandemics amid an

Over 2,000 people infected with coronavirus, 56 killed in China

BEIJING: Over 2,000 people worldwide have been diagnosed with a new coronavirus, the huge majority of them in China, where 56 people have died from the outbreak, according to data released on Sunday. President Xi Jinping said at the Politburo conference

First case of coronavirus reported in Canada

CANADA: The first case of a new coronavirus in Canada has been detected in a man who returned to Toronto from  China. According to Canadian health officials, doctors have confirmed the first presumptive case of this novel coronavirus here in

China to build new hospital for coronavirus treatment in 10 days

BEIJING: China is working to build a new hospital within a rapid 10-days timeframe to treat patients at the dramatic entry of a deadly virus outbreak where hundreds of people have been infected by the disease, Chinese state media reported

No coronavirus case reported in Pakistan: Dr Zafar Mirza

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Health Services, Dr. Zafar Mirza has claimed that not a single coronavirus case has been reported in Pakistan. He was chaired a meeting to review arrangements aimed at countering coronavirus, which has

China closes transport as coronavirus death row rises to 25

BEIJING: China has ramped up efforts to combat a virus that has killed twenty-five people and infected over 800 people, China suspended public transport in ten cities, shutting down temples, and quickly building new hospitals to handle infected people. On

Coronavirus: Everything you need to know

An outbreak of a new disease named the coronavirus, that began in China, has killed at least 17 people and infected more than 550 others globally. This virus is a growing concern for medical experts. There is a serious threat

China bars 11m citizens from leaving city at centre of coronavirus

BEIJING: The Chinese officials have halted all transportation outbound from Wuhan, the city at the center of a mysterious Sars-like coronavirus infection that has killed 17 people so far. More than 570 people have been infected with a virus throughout

Health ministry announces coronavirus alert in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of National Health Services (NHS), Regulations and Coordination alerted the Disease Surveillance Division and Central Health Establishment to the possible spread of coronavirus in Pakistan. According to NHS, a notification has been issued in response to the international

US confirms first Coronavirus case

WASHINGTON: The US has announced its first outbreak of a new Coronavirus that has taken six lives in China and sickened hundreds of people, joining countries around the world in stepping up efforts to prevent its spread. According to federal

China registers 17 new mystery coronavirus cases

CHINA: On Sunday, China found at least 17 news cases of the mysterious SARS-like virus, including three in serious condition, elevating concerns ahead of China’s Lunar New Year vacation when hundreds of millions of people move around the country. The

WHO informs hospitals worldwide on spread of China coronavirus

GENEVA: There may have been restricted human-to-human spread within families of a new coronavirus in China and a broader irruption is possible, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday. Coronaviruses are a huge family of viruses that can cause