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Street crimes on the rise in Karachi as police fail to deal with robbers

Street crimes on the rise across the metropolis as the police seems to fail an effective response to the criminals. Street crime is an extremely grave and yet a very common issue the citizens of Karachi are denounced to face repeatedly. After a relative dip in the number of looting and snatching incidents on the streets of the city, the fresh wave of street crimes is as much an issue for the people of the metropolis as is the third wave of COVID-19.

Despite various cases lodged in different parts of city police stations, citizens continue to suffer from the menace of snatching of cash, vehicles,  mobile phones, and even precious lives in the hand of criminals. The satisfaction of police officials only makes citizens doubt the veracity of the whole department as well as the provincial government.

The situation is at its worst as there is a system in place to ensure the people are deprived of this protection while the police, government and state institutions appear to be the chief offenders.

Citizens in Karachi regularly victimized by criminals however, it is not possible here to tell the whole incidents. I will try to recall some latest incidents of snatching cash, vehicles, mobile phones, and even precious lives.

Robbers kill man on resistance

A gang of four robbers shot dead a man during a robbery bid Saturday in Steel Town of the city. According to sources, a gang of three robbers riding a motorbike intercepted a man Ajmal and tried to snatch valuables from him. Ajmal put resistance upon which the robbers opened fire at him, leaving him dead on the spot.

60-year-old man foils robbery bid in Karachi

On May 28, a 65-year-old man beat a robber black and blue and foiled a robbery attempt at a milk shop in Karachi’s Patel Para. CCTV footage showed that young robbers entered a milk shop and tried to loot money from the owner at gunpoint. However, the man was undeterred by the pistol and beat the robber out of the shop. The suspect managed to flee from the crime scene.

Robbers loot Rs3.5 million from a 74-year-old

Muggers have discovered a new method of looting citizens and it doesn’t involve guns. On May 25, two robbers in Gulshan-e- looted Rs3.5 million from a 75-year-old man after ‘hypnotizing’ him.

The police have obtained the number plate of the robbers’ car with the help of CCTV and have lodged a case. However, the robbers still at large.

Policeman killed in Bhains Colony shootout

A Karachi policeman was killed during an exchange of fire with suspected robbers in Bhains Colony on May 19. As per sources, a gang of men was robbing citizens when a police team reached the site. The robbers opened fire at the police in which policeman Nauman Shah was killed. Three robbers managed to escape while three were shot dead.

Guard hides in bushes after muggers surround citizen

 CCTV footage captured the moment a security guard hiding in the bushes when he saw armed robbers returning to the same street after looting valuables of a Karachi citizen on May 27.

CCTV footage has spotted a security guard hiding behind the bushes when the muggers came back to them while waving the weapon after looting mobile phones, cash and other valuables from citizens in the Korangi area. Several other incidents, including bank, house robberies are occurring daily basis in the metropolis.

If the city police cannot grip the law and order situation in the metropolis, it should express its incapability in clear unequivocal words so that the government may find other solutions to bringing the condition under control.

Steps to curb the menace of street crimes

To control the hazard of street crimes in the city, the provincial government should consider setting traps for the cruel looters and snatchers. Police teams in plain clothes may be assigned to keep an eye on the suspicious activities of the criminals. Snap checking should also be carried out every now and then at different points in the metropolis.

While all this could bring about a helpful change, professional reliability on the part of the police department and severe punishment to the criminals are the primary factors in the equation without which any measures would mean nothing.