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Stability is essential for investment in Pakistan, says German Ambassador Alfred Grannas

KARACHI: German Ambassador Alfred Grannas has said that Pakistan’s economic conditions continue to fluctuate, while stability is essential for investment.

According to the details, speaking during the visit and meeting of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the German Ambassador said that Pakistan can produce hydrogen in sufficient quantity and it can also be exported to Germany. “This country can become Saudi Arabia in terms of green energy,” he said.

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During the speech, Alfred Grannas said that German companies will invest in Pakistan to obtain green hydrogen. The necessary technology for combining parts of solar, hydro, and conventional energy can also be brought to Pakistan. “The country has to pay attention to investment conditions,” he maintained.

The German Ambassador said that German investors can invest in Pakistan only if conditions are stable and profits are good. “The European Union has doubts about Pakistan’s commitments regarding GSP Plus, which will be decided by the European Parliament. KCCI officials also expressed their views on this occasion,” he added.






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