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Tuesday 28th November 2023 / 15 Jamadilawal 1445

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis intensifies as 26 cabinet members resign

Protesters protest outside the Sri Lankan president's house. (Photo: BBC)

COLOMBO: The political and economic crisis in Sri Lanka has intensified, with 26 cabinet members resigning in protest, while the economic crisis in Sri Lanka has been getting worse since its independence.

According to details, cabinet members have demanded the resignation of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s family. The economic crisis in Sri Lanka was caused by a shortage of foreign currency and difficulties in importing fuel. Prolonged power outages and other problems increased.

Sri Lankan citizens are deeply concerned about food shortages, shortage of medicines, and unavailability of fuel. Opposition members also took part in the protest, which was attended by members of the opposition.

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The government declared a state of emergency in the country and gave the army the power to arrest protesters. Earlier, protesters stormed the presidential palace. President Raja Paksa imposed a night curfew across the country, citing security concerns.

There is a severe shortage of basic necessities, food, electricity, gas and fuel in the country. Experts say the nature of the financial crisis in Sri Lanka is the worst. Yesterday, thousands of angry people also staged violent protests outside the President’s residence.

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