Srha Asghar and her husband announce pregnancy


Actress Srha Asghar has revealed she’s pregnant with her first child. 

Pyaar k Sadkey actress got married to her friend Umer in January 2021. The couple posted a cute video in which they announced their pregnancy and shared that the couple is embracing parenthood soon.

Well, Sarah has shared her reports along with the expected good news, which will come in December 2022. She informed her fans that her family is growing by 2 feet and one heart, loading in December 2022.  

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Moreover, Srha Asghar earlier had shared her weight loss journey and said, “Firstly, the thing which I changed was my sleeping cycle. I have made it a routine to sleep on time and wake up on time.”

She went on to say, “I drink a lot of water. The thing which helped me the most during my weight loss journey was that I take fewer calories and burn more than that. If I ate 800 calories, I used to burn 1000 calories because I have a lot of energy.”

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According to Asghar, before marriage, she used to work out at the home. “I used to wake up at Fajar and after that, I used to start work out for 40 minutes and sometimes more than 60 minutes,” she said. Asghar also asserted that a protein shake is a must after a workout. “I do take protein shakes within 30 minutes after workout and sometimes I also drink black coffee,” she added.

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