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Sunday 27th November 2022 / 3 Jamadilawal 1444

Singer Xulfi of Nescafe Basement accused of sexual harassment

Xulfi was the producer of Nescafe Basement. Source: FILE.

Xulfi was the producer of Nescafe Basement. Source: FILE.

Singer Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, popularly known as ‘Xulfi’, who worked as producer and mentor of the Nescafe Basement series, has been accused of sexual harassment.

Pakistani-Canadian activist Zara Haider, who is collecting reports of sexual predators and harassers, received a reply from an unnamed woman who accused the singer of sexual harassment and sending inappropriate messages.

The complainant said Xulfi is a ‘predator’ who used to message girls when he used to run Nescafe Basement and act weird. She said the girls including herself stayed quiet because it could affect their careers.

She claimed the singer used to send her and many other girls WhatsApp messages at 3AM. However, she has not shared any screenshots as her phone broke down and she couldn’t recover them.

“I blocked him and deleted his chats because it was so traumatizing he broke my dreams,” she added. “He ruined very happy thought I had about music for years.” She even accused singer Gumby of the band ‘Badnaam’ of harassment and other advances.

Another user agreed and said that Xulfi is “extremely disloyal to his wife and has a thing for much, much younger girls.” She claimed that Xulfi told her he “loves her and wanted to meet her” and she believed him so she could let her sing. “My naïve brain thought if I just never reciprocated he would get the hint and never go it.”

Xulfi denied the allegations saying that can be asked from everyone working in Nescafe Basement and every girl who has ever been a part of it.

“My conscience can’t ever let me recruit someone in NB on the basis of anything else except talent,” he responded.


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