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Friday 20th May 2022 / 18 Shawwal 1443

Sindh Police occupies century-old heritage site in Sehwan

HYDERABAD: Sindh Police has been occupying a 125-year-old national heritage site in Sehwan Sharif by setting up a camp office for the past seven years.
Former Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Jamshoro Sami Malik had set a police camp office at the historic Sehwan Fort over seven years ago which continues till now. It has been further revealed that the resthouse, museum and canteen of the site have also been occupied by Jamshoro police.
The government of Sindh and concerned authorities have failed to take action against the occupation and illegal occupations in the city. The site is registered as a national heritage site with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities.
Director-General Antiquities Manzoor Ahmed Kanasro said that renovation is underway to convert the heritage site into a museum, but it has been illegally occupied by the police.
Kanasro said the conversion of the museum aims to protect the heritage and facilitate the visitors. He said that several letters have been written by the ministry to Sindh Police to initiate action to no avail while the illegal occupation continues.
He said that Sindh Police has also occupied the canteen of the Sindh Folk Art and Craft Museum and set up the camp office of Senior Superintendent Police (SSP). Local residents revealed that DSP Sehwan has also established residence there. They expressed concern and said that tourists would increase if the site was vacated.
DSP Sehwan Bashir Kunhar refused to comment when asked about the illegal occupation, while SSP Jamshoro Amjad Sheikh could not be contacted. The last resort would be seeking legal action to protect precious heritage sites in the country.
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