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Sunday 29th January 2023 / 7 Rejab 1444

Sindh govt’s performance

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari seems to be dissatisfied with the performance of his provincial government. During a visit to the provincial assembly, the PPP chairman castigated ministers, advisers, and special assistants to improve their performance.
Unhappy with their progress, Bilawal said that he has many options available and the portfolios of Sindh cabinet members are at stake.  A reshuffle in the provincial cabinet is inevitable as the chief minister will hold a meeting in the coming days. There has been increasing criticism of various departments in the province including health, education, and local government.
The Sindh government is facing a plethora of problems with no solutions in sight. Several departments have shown no progress and funds have not been utilised in the current year. There has been scant progress on various transportation and development projects. Scores were killed as lightning struck the impoverished region of Tharparkar in a recent downpour and relief or rehabilitation efforts were inadequate.
Volumes can be written about the poor performance of the Sindh government but no plausible explanation is provided. The health sector is a glaring example. The recent typhoid vaccination campaign has been tainted. There is a shortage of anti-rabies vaccine in hospitals, but the health minister wants children to stay away from rapid dogs. The shocking case in which a child lost his life in the mother’s arms after not being provided a vaccine will continue to haunt the provincial government.
From the root to shoot it all seems rotten. Let us not forget that many political leaders including the Chief Minister and Speaker Sindh Assembly are still facing corruption charges. PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari is not receiving the same reprieve as Nawaz Sharif who has left the country to seek medical treatment. Zardari’s request to seek medical treatment in Karachi was also turned down, while the PPP is still perturbed that the case is being held in Punjab.
The only way forward for the PPP is to improve its performance in Sindh or risk losing all political relevance. The party has lost two consecutive elections in the political fortress of Larkana. The example of MQM-P is before them. The party lost ground after it failed to deliver and other political parties (particularly the PTI) quickly filled up the vacuum they left behind. Time is ticking against PPP. They must act now or be confined further to just union councils.
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