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Meet Sidra Khan-first female trader in Karachi’s Suhrab Goth cattle market

KARACHI: Sacrificial Animals from across the country are brought for sale before Eid-ul-Adha at Asia’s largest cattle market located in the Suhrab Goth area of Karachi. This is a temporary cattle market, set up every year on the occasion of Eid ul Adha. There is a variety of animals in the cattle market, some of them are very beautiful and are the center of the attention of Karachiites.  

This year the new and interesting thing in the market is a woman trader, who has entered the man-dominated field. Sidra Khan is the first female trader in the history of Suhrab Goth cattle market. 

MM News team visited the cattle market and talked to Sidra Khan, who has superior breed animals for sale.

Talking to MM News she said that from childhood she had an interest in raising animals and that interest led her to enter the business of raising and selling animals.

“When I decided to do business, I thought, ‘Why don’t I do the business I’m interested in?’’ She said and added that at first, she faced some loss but eventually learned how to do this job.

“Our team handles the whole business, I just come and supervise, I don’t deal with all customers, I only deal with my close acquaintances”, she said.

Sidra said they sell only big animals, cows, and bulls, and have three categories of them, in which one is called the VIP category. In this category, we have giant animals, she added. 

She showed the MM News team a variety of animals, including a cow, named Red Nakra, describing its characteristics she said it is completely red, and even its eyes are red.  “This is my favorite animal,” She said.

She said that half of her cattle have been sold out, while in the rest, some are here and some are at the farm, when space becomes available they bring more cattle here from the farm.

To a question, she said that being a woman, the management of the cattle market gave her a good response and did full cooperation.

In the end, Sidra advised women to enter this field because it is a very good and fruitful business. She said: ”If any woman needs my help I will fully cooperate with her.”

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