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Sunday 5th December 2021 / 1 Jamadilawal 1443

Sharmila Faruqi is impressed with Maryam Nawaz’s ‘impressive’ dressing

Sharmila Faruqi impressed with Maryam Nawaz's attire. (Source: Images)

Sharmila Faruqi impressed with Maryam Nawaz's attire. (Source: Images)

KARACHI: In a rare display of public praise, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sharmila Faruqui has taken note of PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz’s matching accessories despite both parties being distant after their Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) fall out.

Taking to Twitter, the Sindh Assembly member posted a picture of Maryam Nawaz and complimented PML-N leader’s dressing sense and termed it “impressive” — with the former being a good dresser herself.

“Can’t decide which came first? The shoe or the dress but pretty impressive #swag,” Sharmila Faruqui wrote on Twitter. Maryam wore a white and grey floral printed shirt with matching trousers, a white veil, and some greyish white covered shoes with a blue floral print.

Faruqui not only praised Maryam Nawaz’s fashion choices but also hinted at an interesting aspect. With her keen eye for fashion, it is interesting to notice that the shoe print has even similar colours.

Maryam seems to be a big shoe fan as her footwear has become the talk of the town in the past too. In September last year, Maryam had opted for a pair of green “Satin Jewel Buckle Mules” from famous Spanish designer, Manolo Blahnik, to match her outfit.

While Maryam’s fans were swooning over her choice of footwear, opponents were enraged because the Blahnik pair cost $1,365 at that time.


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