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Shaniera Akram highlights issue of marine pollution

KARACHI:  Shaniera Akram, the wife of former captain Wasim Akram, has reiterated that our ocean was polluted and no matter how hard we worked at cleaning, the beach rubbish would wash in every day.
Shaniera Akram once again highlighted the issue of pollution in the ocean.
Shaniera Akram posted on Twitter a picture of Karachi’s  Seaview beach covered with heaps upon heaps of garbage.
She tweeted, “Remember that plastic that we used once.” She asked, followed by a video in which workers were cleaning up the beach.

She added, “All day every day these workers are in the hot sun cleaning up the filth that is getting washed on our shores. Our ocean is polluted and no matter how hard we work at cleaning the beach rubbish still washes in every day. We need to fix the source instead of bandaging the problem!”

Shaniera had previously highlighted the same issue earlier in September, She also urged the media to broadcast the images of the garbage piled up on the beach.
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