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Russian Trade ministry to monitor more rice factories in Pakistan

Russia lifts ban on import of Pakistani rice

KARACHI: The federal government has taken steps to increase the country’s exports as Russia recently increased the volume of rice imports from Pakistan.

The Russian Trade ministry will monitor more rice factories via video link with the collaboration of the Plant Production department. Pakistani exporters have been allowed to export 150,000 tonnes of rice to Russia, while the exports of fruits including mangoes and oranges have also seen an increase.

Earlier Pakistan had around 34 rice export establishments in the Russian market, but now the number has increased up to 53. Several countries including Russia, China, Japan, and Australia have lifted the import ban from Pakistan and issuing online confirmation certificates to the Pakistani exporters.


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Sohail Shahzad said several countries by visiting the factories online via Plant Production Department are releasing orders for rice and fruits. It is to be noted that Russia had banned the import of Pakistani rice in 2018. The ban was lifted after efforts were made by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of National Food Security, and the trade wing of Pakistan’s embassy in Moscow.