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Russia announces to launch its own TikTok

PTA has once again blocked video-sharing mobile app TikTok. Source: Online

MOSCOW: Russia has announced to launch of its most popular video-sharing application in the style of popular TikTok.

The Russian video-sharing app is owned by Katrina, Putin’s daughter. According to Russian media, the country’s leading media company affiliated with Gazprom-Media, the largest energy company under the influence of the government, has decided to launch the TikTok app.

Gazprom-Media CEO Alexander Zharov said that the TikTok will be developed in collaboration with a foundation run by Putin’s daughter, Katrina Tikhonov. According to Alexander Zharov, his media company has also bought a service for Russian bloggers. This project will be completed in the next 2 years.

The Gazprom Group is one of Russia’s semi-official energy corporations. The company has Russia’s largest media network, which includes several media channels and radio stations. Earlier this month, Gazprom CEO also announced the launch of two YouTube-style websites that will be completed in the next two years. The app will support the sharing of short vertical videos, similar to the Chinese social network TikTok.

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In recent years YouTube has become an increasingly popular platform for young Russians, with some of the most-watched channels raking in tens of millions of views. It has also become a source of independent news and an alternative to the main TV channels that are mostly under state control.


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