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Tuesday 30th November 2021 / 25 Rabiulawal 1443

Role of ulema in society

The prime minister has urged the Ulema and Mashaikhs to play their role for the betterment of society. On the occasion of his visit to Karachi, a delegation of religious scholars called on Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said that the government, teachers, and religious scholars must play their full role in curbing the rising sexual crimes in society.

Prime Minister Imran Khan appreciated the efforts and assured his support for the establishment of the welfare society based on the state of Madinah. There are problems in every country and they are resolved together. In Pakistan, people of all faiths and religions have freedom and all remained united, but unfortunately, our enemies spread propaganda against us by fanning trivial matters to defame us.

Interfaith harmony is a sensitive issue that cannot be ignored but unfortunately, it has always been avoided and shunned in our society. Interfaith harmony is a symbol of endurance, and in this growing political and economic environment, it can be a way forward for peaceful coexistence, peace, and prosperity among people of different faiths.

Much of the violence in Pakistan has been caused by misunderstandings among other faiths. Over the past few decades, the promotion of sectarian interpretations by religious leaders, especially among the youth, has led to conflicts, individuals or groups who have tried to distort the teachings of Islam. It is welcoming that discussion is being promoted in the country to solve all the problems and the state has realized that if peace is to be established among religions and countries, then everyone has to come to dialogue if we want to come close.

Pakistan is home to people from diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. We need time to treat all religions with justice and equality, as a multi-religious state, Pakistan should not discriminate against religious minorities in any way.

It is fortunate that minorities in Pakistan are safe and freely propagating their faith and living their spiritual and social life. Mosques, temples, churches, gurdwaras are all open and everyone has the freedom to go to their places of worship to perform their religious duties. However, it is imperative that scholars should play their full role if our issues have to be amicably resolved.

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